Feeling Accomplished and Thankful to all of you

Today being Monday and the starting of a week and am here to say that my blog has been selected as No.81 among 100 Indian blogs. What else can make your day. Just found the mail from Feedspot and there is no other happiness related to blogging like this. Am floating high and feeling accomplished. Though 81 is not a great result but this are baby steps and am so glad to have started to blog. Many at times I have asked the same question “Am I doing it right”, I used to question if I am doing justice in my blog as there are lot of blogs out there. Sometimes I used to get demotivated and stop for a while, then one of my friend or relative will tell me that your recipes are good and that will make me do it again. So gald to have you all here at my space, without you all I wouldn’t be getting this aprreciation at all. 

Check this link for more details – http://blog.feedspot.com/indian_food_blogs/

I think this whole world will stop if people will stop appreciating it’s awesomeness. Same thing with humans also, we all cannot accomplish anything without appreciation. Appreciation is something which will let us go on and on without stopping. Glad to find many good friends in this world. This appreciation is dedicated to all people who visit my blog regularly and fill me with positivity. THANKYOU so much.

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