Homemade Butter using Whipping Cream

Maybe my blog was hibernating or was it me ……. not sure. Suddenly something inside me is wanting me to write something here or maybe I am here to start back again. Want to write more is the shout out and its getting combined with my passion for cooking and creating new recipes. Sharing is caring and yes here am back to share whatever I experiment and perfect in my Kitchen.

Let’s get in to making butter using Whipping Cream. I can say many might know this but many others might not have known and yes it’s for them. Let me tell you how I found this. I accidentally over whipped my whipping cream to use for a cake and there I got to know it’s as easy as that. Making butter is not a magic its as easy as that and yes you just over whip, TADA – you get buttermilk and butter.  


Bakers can relate and yes all might have got whipping cream and forgotten to use it and it’s expiry date was fast approaching then you don’t to stash the whipping cream. Just over whip and make butter and buttermilk for your other uses. Whipping cream has 35% Butter fat and that helps it churn into butter. I have seen my mom taking butter(vennai) by just churning curd with water(called moor in tamil). I have done when I was small using a mathu( means a wooden churning tool). Yes and the vennai or butter collected used to be stored in a container in fridge. That’s using the curd/yogurt and this is with the cream and yes it is like the store bought ones. 


Making butter at home is not any kind of money saving process. Both buying the butter and making it at home would cost the same. Whipping Cream would expire but butter can stay long in fridge or freezer and the ghee made out of it would stay good outside on the counter for very long. Ghee doesn’t spoil.


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Homemade Butter With Whipping Cream


  • Whipping cream any size


Take a pack of Whipping Cream.
Chill the beater, bowl and the whipping cream in freezer for atleast half an hour. After that take the whipping cream in the beating bowl.
Beat the whipping cream.
This is how a stiff peaked whipped cream is.
Beat some more to allow the cream to curdle to form butter and buttermilk.
Now the butter has separated and now it’s time to stop beating.
Look at the separated butter.
Try to remove all the butter from the buttermilk by filtering it.
Wash the butter in cold water to remove the leftover buttermilk in it. This increases the shelf life of the butter.
Wash it two three times or even more until the water comes clear.
Remove the butter and store it in a container or wrap it in butter paper/baking paper.
Homemade butter is ready.

Note : I have used a food processer, you can whip the cream using a blender or a hand beater. Hand whipping would be time consuming and tiring.  

Both the whipping cream and the whipping equipment’s like the bowl and the whip should be chilled before using. This helps the churning of butter.

Use the buttermilk for making pancakes or you can use in cakes that call for buttermilk.

Wash the churned butter in cold water two three times until the water comes clear. This helps in clearing the leftover buttermilk.  QTQG2042

The Butter is ready to be served. Use it in any recipe that calls for Butter as an ingredient. Try and let me know if you liked it.


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