Cheese Pizza

Today the recipe is for an easy Cheese Pizza. This is so easy that if you have made the Pizza Dough and the Pizza Sauce then this Pizza will be ready in 10 to 20 minutes time. My little boy(Santosh) likes this as there is no fuss in the vegetables. It’s always with kids, even my elder … More Cheese Pizza

Pizza Sauce (No Cook)

Generally we cook the pizza sauce before applying tothe pizza dough. This is a pizza sauce which needs no cooking, it gets cooked along with the pizza and has lot of flavours. This sauce can be used over pizza’s and in the busy morning while packing lunch can use this on the pasta’s as well. It’s easy … More Pizza Sauce (No Cook)

Pizza Dough

PIZZA who will not want to treat themselves with pizza. Yes pizza is a favourite meal relished by everyone, except my husband. Yes would you all believe he doesn’t like it. He is not a fan of pasta or pizza or any of the cheeses. A big no no to all this. But me and … More Pizza Dough

Garam Masala

Am back again with another flavourful powder to flavor all the North Indian Dishes. Yes it is nothing but GARAM MASALA. Just like my post on Sambar Masala, the spice used to flavor South Indian Sambars this is another post to assure all that making these powders at home is easier and more flavourful than … More Garam Masala

Sambar Masala

Hi all. It’s been long since I have posted. Was busy as I had guests and then went for holidays and now looking for a good kindergarten for my little one. So thats the story behind my absence and am WISHING ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016. Here I am with a masala powder I want … More Sambar Masala

Tamarind Paste

Tamarind is an ingredient which we use on a daily basis in South Indian Kitchen. Yes we add them in sambar, chutney and lots more. So everytime soaking the tamarind and extracting the pulp is definitely a pain and it takes some time also. In this post am going to show you how to make … More Tamarind Paste

Homemade Paneer

Many of us think there is no need to make paneer when it is readily available. But when it’s so easy to make paneer at home then why go buy is my concept. Am not sure about making tofu so I go buy them in the supermarket. Paneer is made with milk and some vinegar … More Homemade Paneer

Ginger Garlic Paste

Ginger Garlic paste is a very handy ingredient to be done in bulk and stored. This makes life easier. In our fast paced lives lot of things are readymade. But anything homemade is the best in quality and freshness. Ofcourse it 100% doesn’t have any preservatives. Store bought ones they might say no preservatives but … More Ginger Garlic Paste