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I am Meena Ram. My passion for cooking has brought me until this part of life to start a blog and share the recipes to all. I have always been postponing this and finally am here putting my free time to build up this webpage.

I was born bought up in India. My mom is a great cook. She cooks very delicious food. I never learnt it full fledged. I used to cook only when my mom used to go to my native place. The next phase of life was marriage. I got married to a Malaysian, so moved to live in Malaysia. The real kick-start was after my entry in a joint family in Malaysia. All the credit goes to my Mom-in-law(MIL). She’s is another great cook. I learnt a lot of cooking from her.

After eight years we had to move to Cairo, Egypt in 2012. There I got introduced to few North Indian friends, and got lot of inspiration to try North Indian recipes. I like to read a lot of blogs on cooking, like to watch cooking shows and like to try lot of recipes. Little bit of baking started there. My hubby is a perfect food critic and he gets all the credit on this idea of blogging.

In 2014 we moved to Nairobi, Kenya. I have two boys. They are 10 and 2 years old. Here I have a house maid for five days and I found to have lot of free time. So this is the story of this blog. Whenever I cook something new I expect the three of them to say wow it is yummy. Now am taking steps to get more wow’s to get me going.

Hope u all will enjoy the recipes.


66 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Meena, it is great to know about your multi talents….cooking, writing and appreciating people. Kepp up the good work. Subbu

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  2. Such a beautiful journey dear meena!! Your love of food, got you into blogging & I’m glad, that I could meet you here..

    Found you on Neetus blog & your blog name took me here 😁😁

    Hope to be in touch with you dear!!

    Your new reader,

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    1. Really where all have u been until now ?? Curious to know. It’s actually interesting to move around. Different culture, climate and availability. Lot of things come on the way which is a learning curve. The best part in our lives are living in Africa for the past four years. Never expected we would ever be here. But love it to the core.

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      1. We’ve travelled across India, US and now looking to move to another country this year (my job’s blessing as I like to say).

        My wife doesn’t like moving around much though.

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    1. Thankyou for visiting my blog as well. True traveling and staying in all these places have brought a lot of liking to many cuisines and Recipes. Thankyou for your kind words. Appreciate it. Will read through your posts soon.

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  3. Hi Akka, That’s great. Cooking, writing n blogging …..
    Will follow ur blog n try ur recipes. The recipes are really tingling with all those colorful pics.

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  4. Hi Meena,
    We have gone through your blog/website and find many nice recipes on it. You are having amazing cooking skills and we appreciate your work and want to make it reach to the right people who love food and cooking. We don’t want to let such talent go unnoticed. So, let us help you in becoming more famous. We will be very much happy to have you on our website-Onfoodie.com.
    We would like you to upload your recipes on our website. All you have to do is, just sign up and add your recipes or if you want we can add your recipe into your profile after signup on your behalf (If you permit us) and will promote you and your recipes. You can back link your blog/website in your recipes. Also, you can add variations in already uploaded recipes and can add YouTube video link along with your recipes. Rewards, contests and offers will also be provided and added soon.
    If you face any problem in registering or in uploading the recipe, please contact us at support@onfoodie.com or you can write us back also. We will be very happy to help you. The current services are just a beginning and we will be adding other functionalities to make your experience amazing and wonderful.
    Your contribution will mean a lot to us.
    Thanks in advance.
    Onfoodie Team

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  5. wow visiting so many different countries and learning from so many different people. You are awesome. I loved your blog. Keep it up in 2017 too. WIsh you a wonderful year full of adventures. 🙂 see you

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  6. Hi Meena,
    Finally I have responded to your nomination for The Sunshine Blogger Award! I have included you in my response to Adam at Weird Weekend’s nomination but just used his questions. I am sorry it’s taken me so long, thank you for thinking of me. 🙏🏻💜 Here’s the link to my post: http://wp.me/p6UDky-3pn
    Have a lovely day 😊

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  7. Hi Meena,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Tingle-UR-Tastebuds has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Indian Food Blogs on the web.


    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Indian Food Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.



  8. Madam ,
    Really happy to see the recognition to your blog.Your narrating the journey so far is very interesting.
    keep it up.Wish you all the very best.

    pichai iyer

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