Nasi Minyak / Ghee Rice / Nei Sooru

Malaysians love Nasi – means Rice anytime of the day. They have Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Minyak and many many preparations using rice. Nasi Minyak – Minyak means oil or ghee. It is nothing but Ghee Rice or Nei Sooru and it is an easy preparation. This is mostly included in the menu of dinner gatherings or a wedding lunch or dinner. It is easy to put this rice preparation together. This rice is very dry and need a Kurma or a gravy to go along with it. Malaysia is multiracial, there are Indians-Malay and Chinese settled and the food carries the flavour of all these diverse cultures. I want to give all these nasi preparations in my blog. It is the way am impressed with the Asian food flavours. It definitely tingles your tastebuds.Nasi Minyak is very popular in our house. We make this every year during the open house for Deepavali. Malaysia has diverse cultures and Malaysians have lot of diverse cultural friends. During each of their festivities they keep an open house calling all their different racial friends. During the Deepavali open house we do this rice and kurma and a fried chicken that is very popular among all my husband’s friends. 

Do try this easy rice recipe for your next gathering and let me know if you enjoyed it.

Nasi Minyak / Ghee Rice / Nei Sooru

Cuisine: Indian | Category: Rice Varieties | Prep time: 15 mins | Cook Time: 20 mins | Servings: 2 to 3 

Ingredients ::

  • Basmati Rice – 1 Cup (Measuring 230 ml)
  • Onion/Vengayam – 1 medium sized(Chop lengthwise as shown)
  • Tomato/Thakkali – 1 medium sized(Chop lengthwise as shown)
  • Ginger/Inji – 1″ piece 
  • Garlic/Poondu – 4 Cloves
  • Green Chilies/Pachai Milagai – 4 (Increase or Decrease according to taste)
  • Turmeric Powder/Manjal Thool – 1/2 tsp.
  • Ghee/Nei – 1 1/2 tbsp. 
  • Oil/Ennai – 2 tbsp.
  • Cinnamon Stick/Pattai – 1″ piece 
  • Milk/Paal – 1/4 Cup
  • Water/Thani – 1 Cup


Get all your ingredients ready.
Soak the rice for half an hour.
After half an hour drain the rice.
Meanwhile chop all the ingredients as shown.
Take ghee and oil together in a pan.
Temper cinnamon stick.
Then add the chopped onions.
Next add the slit chilies and the crushed ginger and garlic.
Now add the tomatoes and cook for sometime until the oil separates.
The oil has separated.
Now add the soaked and drained rice and give it a stir.
Measure water and milk in a vessel.
Add required amount of salt.
Add the measured milk and water mixture to the rice and check the salt. The liquid should be perfect to taste.
Transfer all the contents to the rice cooker/pressure cooker or just let it cook in the same vessel on the stove top.
Set the rice cooker to the cooking mode.
After the rice cooker switches to the keep warm setting open and check if the rice is done.
Nasi Minyak or Ghee Rice or Nei Sooru is ready to be served with any gravy.

Note : Soaking the rice for atleast half an hour helps to get long grains. 

Crushing the ginger and garlic using a mortar and pestel will be better than adding ginger garlic paste. It is just a preference.  

Can replace ginger and garlic with a tablespoon of Ginger Garlic Paste.

Adding milk gives richness to the preparation. Can replace the milk with coconut milk also. You can check the salt after adding the water and milk mixture. It should be perfectly salted at this stage or very very slightly more salted.

Adding Turmeric to the rice gives a yellow colour. Can add very little to get a mild colour or can add a bit more to get a brighter colour.

It can be prepared on a stove top or in a pressure cooker too. If cooking on the stove top just wait till the liquid comes to a boil and then simmer it to the lowest, cover and allow it to cook until it is done. If cooking in the pressure cooker transfer all the content to a pressure cooker and cook for one whistle in high flame and then for another whistle in medium flame.

Do Make the Nasi Minyak / Ghee Rice/ Nei Sooru and enjoy with any simple gravy like Kurma or Salna.


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