Nasi Minyak / Ghee Rice / Nei Sooru

Malaysians love Nasi – means Rice anytime of the day. They have Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Minyak and many many preparations using rice. Nasi Minyak – Minyak means oil or ghee. It is nothing but Ghee Rice or Nei Sooru and it is an easy preparation. This is mostly included in the menu of … More Nasi Minyak / Ghee Rice / Nei Sooru


Kozhakattai -Savoury (Steamed Rice Dumplings)

Kozhakattai AKA Steamed Rice dumplings using Idly ponni rice. Yes many make this kozhakattai with rice flour or even using par boiled rice variety also.¬†This form of kozhakattai I learnt from my MIL. She used ot make these at home when in Malaysia. It is not difficult¬†. These Kozhakattai is salted and not sweet so … More Kozhakattai -Savoury (Steamed Rice Dumplings)