Travel until I got married was within Tamil Nadu and one time to Bangalore with my dad to give my exams for some Central Government oriented. That’s it. I mostly went to my native place(villages – a night travel in bus) from Chennai and mostly to other cities in TamilNadu like Trichy, Madurai…….. I had gone to Caddalore as my aunty was there. Other than that I haven’t travelled to the North side of India also.

I got an alliance from a family who live in Malaysia. So after my marriage I got to fly to KL, that was my first flight ever in my life(at the age of 23). My travel started there and now its continuing. Being married to a person who loves to travel is an extra bonus I guess, he truly is bitten by a travel bug. He just loves to travel. As a better half I feel lucky to accompany him.

In our case we are a group together, i.e., my hubby does the macro planning, like booking the flight and hotels and I do the micro planning, like the places to visit and how to get there and all that. So we work together to get the best out of our travels. We both don’t like to go on group tours until it cannot be avoided. We love to go around ourselves if the public transport is good, to other places we check how to go around and then decide.

I spend a lot of time before we travel to check on the places and in booking tickets if necessary. So thought I would record my travel stories here, so some of you might find it helpful. Hope you all will like it.