Hara Chana/Cholia/Fresh Chickpeas &Mushroom Gravy

Hara Chana/Cholia/Fresh chickpeas right from the plant is something I have never seen before. In Nairobi I go to a fresh wet market to buy vegetables. There I have seen these light green small pods but never knew what they were. When I asked the guy once he showed me what it was and I … More Hara Chana/Cholia/Fresh Chickpeas &Mushroom Gravy


Onion & Tomato chutney/Red Thovayal

This is a unique chutney which always gets appreciated by others. Whenever this reaches the table the guests come & definitely ask you”pass me the recipe please”. It’s another chettinad special. Yes this is a superb combination for Ulunthu/Medhu Vadai, Kuli Paniyaram, Masala Paniyaram & Vellai Paniyaram. It’s an easy chutney to be made. This is called “Red … More Onion & Tomato chutney/Red Thovayal


Generally my mom makes Poori with just atta. That used to be soft. After my marriage I was introduced of making Poori with equal amount of atta and maida. This Poori has a different taste than that of poori done only using atta. This is not that soft but tastes definitely very different. Hope you … More Poori