U.K. with a Liverpool Fan

During Easter Holidays we had been to U.K. We planned a week’s trip.

Planning : First I had to apply my visa to go to U.K. They have a separate visa and that’s not included in the Shenzhen visa. It was smooth and we applied on the second week of March itself, say 1 1/2 months before. Lucky my hubby and kids, they need not apply visa for most of the countries as they have a Malaysian passport. So the visa application procedure lands on my head everytime we plan a holiday.

After the visa was sorted we booked the flight tickets. Boys had term break from April 1st week till 3rd week. School for both were reopening only on 25th April. So we decided on the dates from 15th to 23rd. Now where in U.K. was decided. We had London in mind and Liverpool. Yes without stepping in Liverpool the whole trip would have been meaningless for my Dear husband. It was his dream to go visit the Anfield Stadium in Liverpool since he was 8 years old. So carrying the dream for almost 32 years and I wanted to be a there when that dream was fullfilled.Β 

Having heard of the beauty of Scotland we definitely wanted to be there while in U.K. So the places got finalised – we planned to land inΒ  1. Edinburgh, Scotland, then we proceed to 2. Liverpool in train and finally to 3. London in train.

My hubby takes chargeΒ of the macro planning – like booking flights and hotel. Am responsible for the micro planning – the day to day activities listing and finalising on how we commute everywhere. So I started my prep after my visa arrived as I was double sure that we surely are going.

Usually I google to see which places to visit and decide on the places. Our family don’t like museums a lot. So we try to avoid such places until and unless it is interesting for kids to visit. I discuss my list with my hubby and the elder one and then we finalise the places.

AWAIT my next post on the day to day planning.

Until then have a great week ahead.


19 thoughts on “U.K. with a Liverpool Fan

  1. So everyone has their own choices? well that’s so much like a normal family where we all have our own preferences. International holiday always involves lot of homework and follow ups.
    awaiting your next post! πŸ™‚

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  2. Hope you had a great time here. You should have visited our Manchester as well. Especially as he is a great food ball fan. Both Man United and Man city stadiums were very close to us. May be next time. Looking forward to read more on your trip.

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  3. Liverpool is such a fab city, it was named the capital for culture in 2008, I’m lucky to live here as a student, and really do enjoy it – hope you visited the docks and mathew street, home of the Beatles!

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    1. Hi Jess, glad you stopped by. Wow am so happy you live there right now. It’s a great place we enjoyed our stay there, and yes we did go to the docks, took a ferry with mercy ferries. But did not go to Mathew Street. Very short stay it was so couldn’t do a detailed tour. Made sure we went to see the Anfield Stadium.

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      1. Anfield is a fab stadium, just been invited for a job interview there for match days, which goes perfectly with my student lifestyle so fingers crossed I get it!

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