Vegetarian Chicken Masala

Hi all, am sure all must be wondering where did I disappear all these days. The last two months had been a bit busy as we shifted back to KL, Malaysia from Nairobi, Kenya. As the winding up and packing of stuff, meeting with friends all took up my time before leaving Nairobi. Returning back … More Vegetarian Chicken Masala


Garam Masala

Am back again with another flavourful powder to flavor all the North Indian Dishes. Yes it is nothing but GARAM MASALA. Just like my post on Sambar Masala, the spice used to flavor South Indian Sambars this is another post to assure all that making these powders at home is easier and more flavourful than … More Garam Masala

Sambar Masala

Hi all. It’s been long since I have posted. Was busy as I had guests and then went for holidays and now looking for a¬†good kindergarten for my little one. So thats the story behind my absence and am WISHING ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016. Here I am with a masala powder I want … More Sambar Masala