See The Meticulous Beauty Around You

See the meticulous beauty around you ::::

Am sure all of us are busy in our day to day routine. Is it boring or exciting ???? doing these every other day. 

My thoughts on this – My kids school is 25 kms away from home and everyday I got to get them ready with their lunch boxes and all the necessary stuff and I myself get ready to drop them at the early hours of the day. The drive to school is only 20 to 25 minutes to reach, but the beauty around is just never ending. Malaysia sees Sun around 7 am plus. Driving along the highway to the toll, after passing the toll there awaits the view of the day. A soul filling one (for me). The sun is like a clear orange ball amidst a clear sky trying to get out of bed like the lazy boys of mine, whining to get out of the comfy slumber. If it’s a rainy day then Little Sun sleeps longer, he doesn’t want to enchant me. 
In between I try to chit chat with my little one. We do addition of the numbers in the number plates or subtraction of two numbers. Then we do some talking about class, lot of stuff. Sometimes the cutie pie sleeps in car until we reach the school. Then am left with no choice just to see the meticulous beauty around me. I always wonder does God wake up every morning to paint the sky, call it modern art or abstract painting I don’t know what it is. It is mind blowing for sure. 
After I exit from one highway to another there is a speed trap approaching and all the cars slow down a bit, thinking someone is watching them. After the speed trap passes by the cars start to speed up to reach their destiny on time, including me. While doing this I get to pass a spot where I see train tracks and some days I get to see a lake. Believe me I have been wondering for almost a year and a half how come the train tracks have vanished under the water or how come the water has drained up so fast to show the tracks. Isn’t it funny that I realized they both are two different spots only few months before in these almost two years of dropping kids at school. Now I know I get to see only one spot while driving and that is just few hundred meters apart. 

Is life showing you lot such beautiful portraits in life. Do open your eyes to all these and you will start to enjoy your day to day life than whining away your whole life about the boredom. 

Truly from my heart Meena 


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