Why Blog ??

A comeback with just musings

Hi friends and followers am sure all of you must be wondering what happened to me and my blog. My friends and family know the reason and even my close blogger friends know that am super busy in a joint family setup. To be frank when we were out of Malaysia I started blogging just to while my time, to kill my boredom and to keep myself alive. This platform got me a lot of virtual friends with awesome friendships. I definitely enjoyed the journey. I always wanted my blog to be only food based but nowadays I realize the love for blogging is just wanting me to post something or the other. So here I am with my ramblings/musings.

Initially I used to wonder why everyone are blogging.

Then I found so many reasons why one should blog.


  • Blogging is definitely very ADDICTIVE. Hope all bloggers will agree on this. You want more followers, you are happy when you have more views. The want makes you give/do more.
  • Blogging made me realize virtual friendships aren’t frightening as I used to think. Before blogging I never used to accept anyone as friends whom I really don’t know personally. But after blogging I have made real friendships with fellow bloggers and my followers which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.
  • Blogging is just writing your heart out in the field of interest. Just writing in a dairy might not be interesting until it gets published so that others read and appreciate. The whole thing is about you getting some acknowledgement.
  • Blogging gives you a new identity like you can say you are a blogger instead of a homemaker. Yes house wife’s who don’t get the chance to do a full time work can just do this for a self satisfaction. The best part is you can earn if you do it right.
  • Blogging teaches you a lot of stuff or rather say you learn lot of new things. I can say I learnt a lot in this journey. Like photography, WordPress usage, ……… In my case I have a food blog and that has made me do a lot of stuff from scratch. Initially I used to think why not take the shortcut and buy stuff but after blogging I have started to do myself ( For example::: Ginger garlic paste, Bread crumbs, Paneer, Pav buns, Pizza base…… The list is non stop).


Do List your reasons on why you blog ???? in the comment section below. I would love to read.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends and followers.

HAPPY BLOGGING ……..….. Until I blog soon ……….


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