Butter Beans Kurma(Coimbatore Style)

Butter Beans is a fresh beans which used to be available in Chennai. It is so much bonded with me and my childhood. I just love these yummy buttery beans. Am a great fan of any kind of fresh beans. I missed these fresh varieties when we were in Malaysia and Cairo as we get … More Butter Beans Kurma(Coimbatore Style)


Prawns Gravy

Prawns gravy is a very delicious gravy. The best combination for this gravy is with Roti/Chapathi or Phulka. This is a very easy recipe which can be made without any fuss. Some may have problem cooking non-veg. This will not go wrong even for first timers. I found this recipe in fb and have tried … More Prawns Gravy

Aloo Gobi with Matar/Potato Cauliflower with Peas North Indian Style

Another North Indian Preparation in my blog. Actually I was so busy last two weeks with kids having Easter holidays and that’s why no blog posts. Had my hubby’s birthday last week and was busy preparing for a surprise party. Its always fun to surprise your loved ones. It was fun. Ok now lets get … More Aloo Gobi with Matar/Potato Cauliflower with Peas North Indian Style

Tofu Butter Masala

Tofu – Does it ring a bell in all your heads. Yes it is similar to Paneer. Paneer is made with cow’s milk, whereas tofu from soy milk. As the word soya all of us can shout “healthy”. Yes it is a healthier option compared to Paneer. As my hubby was born bought up in … More Tofu Butter Masala

Methi Dal

I have eaten all the North Indian dishes only in restaurants. It used to be a treat only while going to restaurants. Chana Masala, Paneer butter masala are the two things I have tried before marriage. But used to never get the taste of a restaurant. That was because I used to not add kasturi … More Methi Dal