Chocolate Sheet Cake

Making a chocolate cake is very easy until we find the right recipe. Making the perfect sheet cake is just putting the batter in a baking tray and baking it until done. Actually I wanted to make a different cake for my hubby’s birthday so I tried a chocolate layered panna cotta cake and it … More Chocolate Sheet Cake


Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake – Will anyone say no to it. Yes this is a very moist and decadent cake. You will comeback for a piece until it is over. Yes I had had the same experience. I adapted this recipe from this website. When I see recipes in fb I save them immediately to try it … More Chocolate Cake


Lasagna is something I have heard during my college days. One of my friend’s mom used to make them and send it for college. It used to be yum. After that I never got to eat Lasagna anywhere. Then after we came to Cairo three years back when I started to bake I got Lasagna … More Lasagna